The care for the customer is one of the main pillars of any successful business. In order to buy your products or services, people need to know you exist. They need to be able to find you with ease, just when they need you most. The turnkey signage systems from National Neon Vancouver Sign Company are everything you need to accomplish just that. The right signs, displayed in the right place and at the right time will attract a steady flow of customers to your business. Here are a few of the different signs you can use to put your business on the map.

Storefront signs are an absolute must for all brick and mortar businesses. They speak volumes about your company, about your mission and about your values, so they deserve your full attention. If your business is open day and night, you’ll want to choose illuminated channel letters signage. If you’re only open during the day, you can opt for a non-illuminated logo or a colorful cabinet sign. If the facade of your building faces a sunny street, you can go for a projecting blade sign to give your brand even more exposure and to attract people passing by to visit your store.

There are businesses such as supermarkets and gas stations that require pylon signs to enable potential customers to spot them from a distance. This type of sign is also effective when it comes to businesses located in industrial areas or business parks. Pylon signage can offer your business a visibility no other signage type would ever give. More often than not, pylon signs host multi tenant slots.

If you don’t need people to see your sign from a great distance, you can choose a monument sign instead of a pylon sign. A monument sign acts as a landmark for your headquarters and it is a pedestrian-friendly option that allows for tremendous creative possibilities.

Wayfinding signs are the best way to guide your potential customers toward your building and inside it, in order for them to enjoy a satisfying experience. An effective wayfinding system should rely on the exhaustive analysis of your customers, in order to catch their eyes just when they need it. Not finding your way through a building is one of the most frustrating experiences. National Neon signage experts can help you design the most effective such system to help your customers find their way to your building and inside it. This type of customer support is extremely effective and it doesn’t require you to hire additional staff to guide your visitors.

LED tube lighting signs are ideal for businesses that rely on walk-in customers. These businesses have to ensure their signage is easy to spot at a glance, as even one second can make all the difference between people entering or ignoring your building. LED tube lighting is a great method to offer a property great visibility and emphasize the most beautiful architectural elements of a facade. You can use these signs to make your business appear more dynamic, as well as to attract people passing by to visit your store. This can be the beginning of a beautiful business-customer relationship. In order for you to enjoy as many of these relationships as possible and to get lots of referrals, you need to alert people and to draw them inside.

Your signage system needs to evolve and adapt with the latest technology breakthroughs. If you haven’t considered using digital signage just yet, you may want to take a closer look into this excellent opportunity to show people that your business is actual and relevant, modern and innovative. The best way to do this is by choosing an outdoor programmable LED and digital sign. Such signs are not only dynamic and impactful, but also extremely effective in promoting your services, your products and your special offers. They are more affordable than you think, so you should check them out right away. National Neon Signs offers IP68 ingress rating digital signage that can withstand even the worst weather conditions.

Different Vancouver businesses require different signage systems. Discuss your options with a specialist today to make the most out of your marketing and advertising efforts. Good signs are proven to work.

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